About Innovate 3

I3 is a collaboration of highly experienced mechanical engineers who are passionate about extreme water sports. With over 100 years of combined design experience, industry leading brands choose to partner with I3 when it comes to engineering safety, reliability and enhanced performance into new products for kiteboarding, wingboarding, windsurfing, surfing and sailing.  

I3 works closely with 3rd party test facilities including Camosun College ISO test facility (BC, Canada),  and Group CCT for ISDN testing (QC, Canada).


Each of our Projects can be individually licensed for your business’s needs. Where indicated on the above projects, many can be ordered directly as an OEM produced item complete with ‘a la carte’ options to customize and tailor the project to your branding and customer’s needs.


If your brand already has existing production facilities any one of our listed Projects can be individually licensed to allow you to control every stage of the production cycle. Innovate 3 offers exclusive and nonexclusive licenses to each of its listed Projects.